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Online Psychotherapy

The possibility of scheduling and having psychotherapy sessions online is a tool ever more widely used on the road to optimal well-being. This way of practicing psychotherapy offers little disadvantages compared to classical meetings, yet it supports the client in many ways, especially logistically. Most often, the client saves time and has more options in choosing the time of a session, not being constrained by travelling to a location or limited by situations such a relocating house or work. Psychotherapy is especially usefull by offering real possibilities to those who cannot travel (whether the reasons are physical or psychological) and to those who live in remote areas where not many professionals are available.

Online psychotherapy is based on the same concepts as traditional psychotherapy and is an alternative when classical psychotherapy is not accessible.

We begin understanding ourselves only after we are lost. The self is not something ready made, but the continuously changing result of life long decisions. 

Have you suffered a trauma and this occupy all your thoughts?

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