My little girl’s therapy meant a change for the whole family. She managed to eliminate those behaviors that she didn’t like and we understood that more was needed. I am happy because now I know what was missing and I see how from one day to the next we can improve our relationship.

Andrew (35)

I felt very good in Tiberius’ office. It’s not easy to say what’s on your mind, especially when you don’t know what’s going on. I really liked that he supported me and even got involved when it was maybe harder for me.

Mihai (28)

Even after the first meeting, I realized the reason why Tiberiu Botea is so recommended. Professionalism is the key word. I warmly recommend it to all those who need an outside partner, along any inner journey.

Maria (45)

Tiberius is a warm, patient person and always available to people who ask for his help. I was guided in a professional way, in which I had the greatest confidence.

Anca (38)

I have been collaborating with Tiberius for 3 months and he was always by my side when I needed his help. His ability to understand the human mind and interest in the patient make him a special specialist. I recommend.

Marius (41)

He is competent, very experienced and calm. I calmed down to notice that he is an open, receptive, wise and sensible person. I highly recommend it.

Sergiu (29)

I finally managed to find the psychotherapist I so desperately needed. Although I was restrained at first, I must admit that I felt much better after the first session. I look forward to the next meetings.

Suzana (35)

I’m already in the 5th session of psychotherapy and I still don’t understand why I postponed for almost a year to turn to a psychotherapist. Now I feel like I’m a different person, I allow myself to dream and make long-term plans. I became more positive in my thinking, optimistic and full of life.

Stefan (44)

Until the divorce, I thought I had the perfect marriage. After the shock, I didn’t recover for a year. I felt like I wasn’t good at anything. I couldn’t sleep at night because I couldn’t understand how and why it all happened. After the first 2 sessions I started to feel better. Now, I smile more and feel that I have overcome that obstacle that held me in place.

Flavia (34)

An extraordinary therapist, a warm person, was exactly what we were looking for. It helped me a lot in my personal development. I wholeheartedly recommend. A reliable, empathetic person, always interested in everything going well for me as a patient.

Miruna (26)

Have you suffered a trauma and this occupy all your thoughts?

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