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In order to ascend, we must descend into ourselves


Psychotherapy services

Individual psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a process, an implementation of authentic needs, thoughts and feelings that determine how we live our lives as a result of the behaviors they generate.

Couple and family psychotherapy

The couple relationship is a complex dyad that works based on a multitude of rules that transit the usual interaction.

Adolescent psychotherapy

Adolescence is an essential period due to the major role it plays in the crystallization of the personality. Together with the therapist, the adolescent can more easily manage the transition to adult life.

Psychotherapy online

The possibility of scheduling and having psychotherapy online is an ever more widely used tool on the road to optimal well-being, which offers real options to those who cannot travel or live in remote locations.


What is and how can psychotherapy help you

Psychotherapy is the emotional and informational exchange between the psychotherapist and the client ultimately focused on improving quality of live. The therapist’s task is helping the client to find solutions and resources for a life well lived. It often involves significant elements of mental health, somatic and psychosomatic issues, centered around trauma, loss, pain, development, addiction, sexual, eating, personality, behavior disorders etc.


The outcome and results of psychotherapy are based on developing abilities for structuring new and functional coping mechanisms. Some of the common themes in therapy are emotional distress, solution finding for specific issues, improving soft skills and personal abilities for certain tasks.

Psychotherapy puts into practice techniques based on a solid scientific groundwork which aim to generate functional, productive and healthy behaviors, routines and relationships. Psychotherapy is predominantly a curative remedial activity – its in-depth objectives, well-balanced intervention allow for a creative reshaping of the personality, the self, the relationship with the inner and outer environment all guided by the client’s needs.


Psychotherapy is an active process, a personal expression of one’s techniques in working with the self, where the building blocks are profoundly subjective. It therefore allows working on all areas of a person’s life – social, professional, family etc, since what ultimately changes is the one living all the different moments of life.

Trust that change is possible

The stages of the psychotherapeutic process

Case assessment

In response to the situation created by the diagnosis, it aims to identify the most effective method for restoring individual well-being.

Setting therapy goals

Setting the objectives and establishing the framework both from the client’s and the therapist’s perspective. Frequency and duration of meetings as well as other rules related to the specifics of the chosen method.

Carrying out the psychotherapeutic program

The middle stage in the psychotherapeutic process being oriented and individualized according to the specifics, needs and receptivity of the client.

Introducing changes to the reality of daily life

Basically, the beneficiary exercises and validates the new experiences and changes they implement in the reality of daily life, while enjoying the high level of self-acceptance acquired.

Re-evaluation of the case and therapeutic effects at the end of therapy

We analyze together the client’s effort and qualities, which were the basis for successfully overcoming the “problems” and regaining autonomy over his own life.

Strengthening the beneficial effects over time

I recommend successive reassessments at 1,3, 6 months, possibly 1 year after the completion of a therapeutic program, with the possibility of resumption after a case of recurrence or need.

Happiness is not a goal, it is the outcome



My little girl’s therapy meant a change for the whole family. She managed to eliminate those behaviors that she didn’t like and we understood that more was needed. I am happy because now I know what was missing and I see how from one day to the next we can improve our relationship.


I felt very good in Tiberius’ office. It’s not easy to say what’s on your mind, especially when you don’t know what’s going on. I really liked that he supported me and even got involved when it was maybe harder for me.

Have you suffered a trauma and this occupy all your thoughts?

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Kernel of motivation

“Value is given by the effort invested into action” is the most valuable advice received when I began my career in Psychology and the motto that guided me in the following years. Understanding that the results obtained through sustained effort represent not only a goal they also turned into an investment in a continuous development process. Therefore,  I always added passion to my work, which later translated into the ever improved quality of knowledge, skills and results.

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